Echinopsis bruchii after one winter in the open-no protection of any sort. Related to Trichocereus, the size of a cantaloupe now.


Echinopsis is native to the high Andes of  Bolivia and Argentina. The flowers are voluptuous.

The Echinopsis two months later-verge of blooming
Banked by Helianthemum and pink-budded Jasminum stephanense

Sold to me as Thelocactus

This has never bloomed fror me but is completely hardy. It is surronded by hardy South African mesems and wild violets.

Echinocereus pectinatus v. wenigiri
This plant flowered the first time in 2005 after 3 years in the ground

Echinocactus hamatacanthus v. sinuatus
After its first winter (9F). Growing well and getting ready to bloom (see expanded view)

Bruchii lives up to its reputation
Flowers are open all day and last several days each in 70F weather