Denmoza rhodacantha. A high andean barrel from argentina. No damage after 3 winters


Denmoza grows slowly to 5'. To the left is a pup of my largest Agave scabra


Right side of the driveway in June 2004. The white flowers are Campanula punctata 'wedding bells'.  The large cacti are Echinocactus texensis and Denmoza rhodacantha. The small cacti with light spines are Echinocereus caespitosus and E. baileyi. The purply-pink flower is desert 4 o'clock, Mirabilis multiflora. The big Agave is parryi. The ocotillo died the previous winter but at the time the photo was taken I wasn't sure.

Opuntia kleinae
Cane cactus from texas and Oklahoma

Cane cactus is a range pest, but it is pretty impressive in an eastern garden


Agave toumeyana in the winter of 2004. It has gotten shadier whereit grows and it sustaned more damage in 2005, although nothing life threatening