Autumn and winter scenes

Echinocactus texensis
Hardy horse crippler in snow feb. 2004

The horse crippler came from intermountain cactus in Utah

Sabal minor Hatteras strain
In snow jan. 2005. Lab tested leaf hardy to -6F

This sabal minor's leaves are now 5' tall. The Juniper behind it is J. rigida, hardy to zone 5a.

Upper west bed Dec. 2003
The largest Agave, Dasylirion, Cycas, and Caesalpinia alive.Other agaves and Trichocereus are dead

The large Agave in the foreground is scabra. the Dasylirion is wheeleri. It was planted tipped ~20 to the south to allow water to drain from the crown. The Cycas is panzihuensis from Dutch Vandervort in Ventura, CA. It goes deciduous at ~ 15F, but the exposed caudex is hardy and it leafs up again in May.

Umbellularia californica on a cold day feb. 2004
California laurel is hardier than Laurus nobilis but just as useful for stew

The plant is near Illiciums and rare Berberis. The Berberis hookeri to the left has since died. The Elaeocarpus decipiens  was dead by new years day.