The east bed at mid spring and two agaves in the fall.

The east bed may 11th 2004
The yucca torreyi had just finished its 3rd winter, the faxoniana only 1 winter

The red cactus flowers are Echinocereus polyacanthus. The blue flowers are common sage, the raspberry red flowers are texas sage, Salvia greggii. The yellow irids are Moreas from South Africa.The ocotillo never leafed out again; it had frozen to death.

East meets West
Dogwood and swamp maple courtesy of Maryland

The larger agave is lophantha entering its 3rd winter. It still looks fine. The secret seems to be allowing the roots to run under a large boulder. The agave on the left is a hybrid given to me by Tony avent, parentage unknown. I think it is scabra x victoria-reginae, but don't bet any beer on it.It survived +5F last winter. The third agave in the center is a pup off of a larger scabra behind the rock.

New Vebascum hybrid
Backyard bed